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Machining base:Jiacheng Road industrial park of Jining Economic and Technological Development Zone.
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Jining Weiya Paper Making Machinery Co.,Ltd. is an independent foreign trading enterprise and located in Jining urban district which is the hometown of Confucius and Mencius and on the verge of south Four lakes, sea land and air traffic is everywhere,  machining base is also in Jining urban district. Company own integrated all kinds of resources, with strong technical advantages, focus on the design and renovation of pulp production line and paper machine for foreign paper-making enterprise, guide and help the foreign customers find and select the most suitable equipment on “cost performance”.

Now Jining Weiya Paper Making Machinery Co.,Ltd. can supply the pulp & paper equipment with more than 60 series including over 400 sizes, satisfied with equipment selection and match for a complete set for waste paper deinking system, OCC processing pulping system, close chemical pulping hot-screening system, virgin pulp processing system, paper machine and approach system, tail pulp and waste reject processing system, waste water processing system in pulp & paper industry, and can provide engineering design and technical consultation service for new pulp engineering and technical renovation project . At same time, supply the superior service of spare part to customer, also can provide foreign customers the auxiliary equipment and chemicals on paper in paper-making line.

In recent year, through the close cooperation with foreign customers of India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, the equipment and service of Jining Weiya Paper Making Machinery Co.,Ltd. has been recognized by many foreign customers, and has been recognized as designated supplier for pulping equipment in production line and paper machine renovation.

The company is committed to the construction of the enterprise team, relying on the advanced personal mechanism and harmonious interpersonal relationship, bringing in the professional talents extensively, and training a high-quality team. Company will always adhere to science and technology as the guide, super service as purpose, sincere cooperation with all circles of friend together, trying to establish Jining Weiya company into an internationalized and superior supplier for pulping and paper-making equipment.

Jining Weiya Paper Making Machinery Co.,Ltd. takes wholeheartedly service in paper industry, warmly welcomes all foreign customers to Jining city and talk over business and cooperation.

Adress: Room No. 0909, Nine floor of unit one, B building of Haineng international

tower, Rencheng district, Jining city, Shandong province, China.

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